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Excerpted editorial reviews for Speaking the Unspeakable (From the back cover) 

"This groundbreaking book combines an insightful scholarly analysis with the powerful voices of women. Also important are its presentation of sexual abuse and its emphasis on individual and community resistance and on cultural and legal oppression."

— Jacquelyn Campell, coeditor of To Have and Hit: Cultural Perspectives in Wife Battering

"Margaret Abraham breaks through the myth of the 'model minority' and speaks the unspeakable: violence against women in our families. She articulates the complexities of domestic violence in South Asian women’s lives circumscribed by culture, tradition, law, and isolation in a new country. Through it all, we hear women's voices and experiences loud and clear."

— Shamita Das Dasgupta, editor of A Patchwork Shawl: chronicles of South Asian Women in America

Reviews of Speaking the Unspeakable

Book Reviews by Margaret Abraham

  • "Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women", edited by James Ptacek in Contemporary Sociology, 2010
  • "Negotiating Ethnicity: South Asians Traverse a Transnational World" by Bandana Purkayastha, in Gender & Society, 2006
  • "Ethnic Routes to Becoming American: Indian Immigrants and Cultures of Citizenship" by Sharmila Rudrappa  Contemporary Sociology 2005
  • "Breaking the Silence: Violence Against Women in Asia.” Edited by Fanny M. Cheung, Malvika Karlekar, Aurora De Dios, Juree Vichit-Vadakan, and Lourdes R. Quisumbing. Indian Journal of Gender Studies, 2001
  • “Battered Women in Korean Immigrant Families: The Silent Scream” by Young I. Song. in Journal of Asian American Studies, February, 2001
  • “Life Lines: Community, Family and Assimilation Among Asian Indian Immigrants” by Jean Bacon in International Migration Review, 1998
  • "Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States" by Herbert Barringer, Robert W. Gardener and Michael Levin in Social Forces, December 1994
  • “India’s Bene Israel: A Comprehensive Inquiry and Sourcebook” by Shirley Berry Isenberg in Contributions to Indian Sociology, 1991.